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Bethel church Group Employees for Development (Nsumbi)is anon profit organization stated by members of Bethel church with a help of pastor Daniel Atwijukire and his Wife Juliet with the goal of uplifting the living condition of its members and the surrounding communities. The organization was formed in 2004, its located in wakiso District, wakiso sub county Nsumbi village 8km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda The association is comprised of 40 active members both male and female categorized into 2 different groups the widows and the most needy i.e 20 widows, 15 youth and 15 needy Christians Though some attempts have been made by government and the church to improve people s lively hood a lot remains to be desired, these communities have remained vulnerable to many risks since they are not considered by government and other non governmental organization, early child drop out due poverty, child mortality is high, early pregnancies among the girl child,mulnitrition among children, and widows and increased spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases These groups have been involved in some activites which need to be strengthened Brick making A number of youth choose to engage in this activity due to lack of vocational skills, and failure to continue with their studies,this has helped them to support them selves and their elderly parents howver most of them lack the little capital to produce the best product and they end upgetting little which canít support them Carpentry Joinery /woodwork,Welding shop 6 people are engaged in this activity however a number bottlenecks hinder their progress Lack of tools and financial support have made hard for the members who are engaged in this activity to achieve their goals Tailoring and sewing shop 5 hard working women are engaged in this which helps them to earn a living for their families; of recent these ones have stagnated and need financial and technical support to improve their product Petty traders 14 including widows are engaged in this kind of trade and doing a number of different activities i.e. charcoal selling, selling local foods in the by near by markets around Kampala, retail shops selling old clothes, old shoes/shoe shiners Dry cleaning This where few of our members are involved by washing clothing of the middle class who have no time to wash, in this they earn a living However they lack better equipments to do their work I,e dry cleaning machines, flat iron ,and rent Poultry and piggery 7 families are involved in project but they lack enough money to buy poultry feeds money for expansion and technical advice from experts which needs funds